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It is often difficult for working managers to recognize employee issues until they have become unmanageable for one or both parties. In extreme cases, the employee seeks a legal remedy to a problem that might have been addressed and solved much earlier, if only someone had been looking at such issues. Robyn can be that “someone” for your company or organization, in a consulting arrangement that makes sense for you. By looking at your HR issues from a values viewpoint, she can help you transcend legal compliance and create a workplace that allows each employee to thrive. During your no-cost initial consultation with Robyn, you’ll determine which functions or areas of your company need her professional touch, then choose the Products and Services and the most suitable Service Model for your needs.

Product and Service Descriptions

Human Resources Review

  • Quick, thorough assessment of policies and practices
  • Review of legal compliance & suitability to your organization’s mission & values
  • Written findings & recommended changes
  • Flat fee based on number of employees

Policies/Employee Handbook*

  • Creation or revision of policies and supervisor/manager guidelines
  • Review of policies for consistency with organizational values and practices
  • Ensure policy, training & practice compliance with State & Federal laws/regulations/guidelines
  • Training of supervisors and staff members on their responsibilities related to policies

Job Descriptions*

  • Creation or review of job descriptions for accuracy and compliance with labor laws
  • Salary ranking and title review

Staffing/Executive Search

  • Guide in creation of strategic staffing plan
  • Retained search (flat fee, dependant on position)
  • Project management and coaching for applicant screening, interviewer coaching, job offer development

Compensation Review

  • Creation or review of compensation plan, including market analysis/comparison
  • Performance Management - Review of current practices & policies
  • Development of suitable Performance Management plan
  • Consult on matching organizational & individual goals

Internal Investigations*

  • Oversee internal investigation of harassment, ethics breaches or other policy violations
  • Discipline/Termination* - Consult on individual cases or policy issues
  • Coach on performance improvement process
  • Provide required documents for chosen solution

Benefits Management

  • Annual review of benefits plan
  • Compare and recommend more suitable plan(s) in cooperation with broker
  • Liaison between provider(s) & employees
  • Track Leaves of Absence

Training and Development

  • Develop a suitable development tool or plan to reach your company’s goals
  • Customized training for supervisors on employee relations, policy compliance, conflict resolution & more
  • Annual refresher training for full staff on harassment and discrimination (”Prevent, Stop and Report Workplace Harassment and Discrimination”)
  • 1-on-1 coaching on management or career development

Service Models

• If you wish to supplement your existing HR management, you may arrange for Robyn Bramhall’s services on a Monthly Retainer basis, to ensure her availability to provide advice, information, coaching and other services as the need arises, at a very reasonable rate. Ask for a personalized quote today.

• A defined, Flat-priced Consulting Project will address a particular issue, as recommended by the HR Review or requested by you, and will be bid on a per-project basis. This will generally involve meeting or retreat facilitation, or result in a report or other tangible “product” such as an updated ethics policy, a set of job descriptions, anti-harassment training or a review of your benefits package.

• For more complex issues and problems, such as overseeing internal investigations or terminations, an Hourly Consultancy is appropriate. Robyn Bramhall’s impartiality and efficiency will mean more time for your management to concentrate on what they do best, and, perhaps in conjunction with your legal counsel, she will ensure a fair and legal result.

Retained Executive Search is done in conjunction with the hiring manager and interview team, and is billed according to the level of assistance you require. You will find that Robyn’s fee is lower than that of most search firms, and that her services are more inclusive and can be tailored to your needs. By providing whatever help you need in the search-and-hire process, Robyn Bramhall will get you the best fit, while saving you time and money.

Call or e-mail Robyn Bramhall today to ask a question, offer a comment or to arrange your no-cost consultation.

*Note: Consultant is not an attorney and will not dispense legal opinions. Your own legal counsel should review all documents and decisions prior to their application.